What Absorption Type Minibar is Suitable for Hotel Rooms

18 Jan 2018
What Absorption Type Minibar is Suitable for Hotel Rooms

Room refrigerator is also named room small refrigerator, semiconductors room refrigerators, absorption room refrigerator, mini refrigerator, hotel fridge, mini refrigerator. Hotel room refrigerator is a small refrigerator dedicated in star hotel room for refrigerating fruits, beverages, drinks and other foods, and can also be used for refrigerating cosmetics. There are two main hotel room refrigerator cooling method: semiconductor electronic refrigeration and absorption refrigeration.+

Hotel rooms generally abandon the compressor type small refrigerator and semiconductor type small refrigerator, and choose the mainstream absorption type small refrigerator. The reason is:+

Absorption refrigerator is composed of diffusion absorption refrigeration movement, cabinet and related accessories, the core part is the refrigeration movement, and the movement is a closed system made by a number of steel by bending, combination welding. A certain percentage of ammonia, helium, and water are poured into the system. The refrigerant is ammonia, water is the absorbent, and helium is the diffusion agent. The movement directly uses the heat as the source to drive the refrigerant circulating, to achieve cooling purposes; the system uses the principle of thermal siphon to make the cooling system continuously work without any mechanical transmission.+

Absorption refrigerator is an environmentally friendly high-tech product, because it not using Freon, protecting the ozone layer, without compressor and any mechanical transmission parts, not produce any noise when running, so absorption minibar is reputed as double green environmentally friendly product by the international environmental organizations. Absorption refrigerators are used by plenty of hotels because of advanced technology and high technology content.+


Absorption refrigerator is a thermal power cooling system (electricity, gas, kerosene, various waste heat, etc.). It uses three operating fluid as the component: Ammonia - water - hydrogen. It can be operated in the absence of any electronic or mechanical energy, completely quiet, environmentally friendly, the system is lifetime maintenance-free, and the service life is 15 years, especially suitable for hotels, villas.+

Absorption refrigerator doesn't have compressor, so there is no inrush current when the motor starts, which will have no impact on the local power grid. While the ordinary compressor refrigerator starts about 30 to 40 times every day, starting current reaches 5 amps each time, which is 40 to 50 times of normal operation. What's worse, the instantaneous current of the common compressor refrigerator when starting will greatly affect other appliances running on the same line. Absorption refrigerator uses heat to drive the refrigerant circulating within a closed system, which has no mechanical operation and wear parts, refrigerant leak probability is very low. Therefore, absorption refrigerators are easy maintenance, and have long service life, which is not comparable by a compressor refrigerator.

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